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1941-1942, 1946-1948 Ford and Mercury 2 Piece Windshield W4085S

1941-1948 Ford 2 Piece Windshield
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Price: $109.00
Product ID : W4085S
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Original Green Tint
Green Shade Band (+$10.00)
Custom Grey Shade Band (+$10.00)


2 Piece Windshield Glass

Fits Models: 
1941 2 Door Coupe, Super Deluxe, Special 11A, Business Aux Seat 67A, 67B, 5 Window 77A, 77B, 77C
1941 2 Door Sedan Super Deluxe Model 11A 72
1941 Convertible Super Deluxe Model 11A 72
1941 Tudor Deluxe, Super Deluxe, Special 11A 70A, 70B, 70C
1941 Fordor Deluxe, Super Deluxe, Special 11A 73A, 73B, 73C
1941 4 Door Wagon Deluxe, Super Deluxe  11A 79A, 79B
1942 2 Door Coupe Deluxe, Super Deluxe, Special, Business 5 Window 77A,77B, 77C
1942 2 Door Sedan Deluxe, Super Deluxe Model 21A, 2GA 72A, 72B
1942 Coupe Club Convertible Super Deluxe Model 2GA, 21A 76
1942 Tudor Deluxe, Super Deluxe, Special Model 2GA, 21A 70A,70B, 70C
1942 Fordor Deluxe, Super Deluxe, Special Models 2GA, 21A 73A, 73B, 73C
1942 4 Door Wagon Super Deluxe Models 2GA, 21A 79B
1946-1948 2 Door Coupe DeLuxe, Super Deluxe, Business 5 Window 77A, 77B
1946-1948 2 Door Sedan Coupe Super DeLuxe 72B
1946-1948 2 Door Coupe Super DeLuxe 69A, 79A, 89A Club Convertible 76, Sportsmans Convertible 71
1946-1948 Tudor Deluxe, Super Deluxe 70A, 70B
1946-1948 Fordor Deluxe, Super Deluxe 73A, 73B 
1946-1948 Station Wagon Super DeLuxe 79B

1942, 1946-1948 Sedan Coupe Model 29A, 69M, 79M, 89M. Type 72
1942, 1946-1948 Coupe Club Convertible Model 29A, 89M. Type 76. Sportsman's Models 69M, 79M, 89M. Type 71.
1942, 1946-1948 Sedan 2 Door Model 29A, 69M, 79M, 89M. Type 70.
1942, 1946-1948 Town Sedan 4 Door Model 29A, 69M, 79M, 89M. Type 73.
1942, 1946-1948 Station Wagon Model 29A, 69M, 79M, 89M. Type 79.

Price is for the left and right side.  Sold in Pairs.

Available Colors: Clear, Original Green Tint, Green Tinted and Shaded, Custom Grey Tinted and Shaded

NOTE: Because of the many different body styles for these years, we need to get the body style number for you car.  This will insure you get the correct piece of glass. You can find the body style number on the metal trim tag under the hood, on the cowl. Please enter this information when ordering. All prices remain the same no matter what body style you have.

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